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Technology Companies

The Research and Development Tax Incentive is an important part of tax planning for technology companies. The benefit it provides allows for more resources to be kept in the company that can be used for further development. For technology companies, research and development provides a key competitive advantage, it can create a new opportunity or an edge in a competitive market.

We have extensive experience in providing tax planning and optimizing technology companies for the research and development tax incentive.

We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly understand your company and the technologies that you are creating. This helps us to make the R&D claim process as easy as possible, combining our knowledge of the program with the knowledge of your company.

We work with the key stakeholders within your company, not only to prepare the annual R&D Tax lodgment, but to advise on record keeping, structuring and all aspects that affect the scheme.

We aim to maximise your claim with the minimum fuss.